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Add extra value to the products you sell and make your Brand even more popular and requested on the market using custom hangtags with an exceptional design, plastic seals and woven labels with your own name or trademark.


Plastic seal Trendy Style Model ST-M18

Custom plastic seal tag ST-M18 for fashion products, such as clothes, footwear, bags, jewelry, clothing accessories, etc.

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Graphic design

Plastic seal with rectangular multilayer shape, with custom 3D prints finished with Folio on two sides.

Plastic seal Trendy Style Model ST-M18 The image is informative, the original design and the product characteristics are presented below!
Plastic seal Trendy Style Model ST-M18

Technical data

General characteristics and product specifications.

  • Tehnological process: molding injection process.
  • Materials: plastic (seal) and polyester (string).
  • Finishing: Folio on 3D custom elements.
  • Custom text color: 28 Folio colors.
  • String and seal color: 120 colors.
  • Emblem/logo insertion option.
  • Customization/Inscription: on 2 sides.
  • Seal dimensions: 6x8x20mm
  • Shape: rectangle.
Plastic seal Trendy Style Model ST-M18

Plastic seal with a trendy design, which will surely increase the value of the product to which it is attached, can be made in a combination of two colors of choice (seal case) - the extrenal sides in one color and the middle part of another color. The seal can be customized on two sides, with a small logo/emblem by concave embossing and the Brand name with convex embossing.

The seal is provided with a string with two ends, one to seal the product and another to catch the label.

This type of seal fits perfectly with a wide range of products: clothes, shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, etc.

We offer you the possibility to create this type of string very simple and exactly as you want it, by completing an interactive form, where you can choose the seal color and to customized it with the name and your own logo/emblem.

Everything starts with the essential steps: choosing the right price depending on the quantity and the production and delivery time. Therefore, below you will find a calulator where you can find all the necessary information, then you will be able to customize this seal and place the order.

Production and delivery cost calculator
RECOMMENDATION: If you opt for an quantity of 5.000 pcs. you can get a lower price (per product) with % than the current price!
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Important! The manufacture and the delivery time is expressed in working days and is variable, may be smaller or higher.

Customize the seal and send the order
To customize this type of seal push this button, complete all fields of the form and send the order.
Side 1
Side 2
Side view:
Customization on two sides, identical on both sides.
Plastic seal Trendy Style Model ST-M18
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Create custom seal:
In this section you can visually create your own seal. You can customize it with your favorite texts and colors, and you can practically see the graphic simulation in real time!
External color
External seal color
Culoarea exterioara a sigiliului
Internal color
Internal seal color
String color
String color
Text color
Text color
Folio finishing (metallic effect)
If you have a logo you can upload its image:
Attention! The image must be High Resolution with transparent background (.png or .gif format).
The custom graphic design in the final form, will be created according to your indications specified in the graphic builder above, and will be sent by email.
Order form
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Payment methods
In about 24-48 hours (working days) from the order registration, you will receive an email containing the graphic design in the final form but also the Invoice with the total amount of the order and a secure link, that you can pay quick and easy with any type of credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus), in any currency (currency conversion is made automatically). After we receive the payment your order will be processed.

Delivery methods
After production, the products will be packaged and shipped to you by DHL courier company. If you can't find the destination country in the form above ("PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY COSTS CALCULATOR") and will appear the message "INFO", in this case you will receive by email the price and the delivery method after sending the order.